Top 20 Crazy Funny Siri replies Easter Eggs

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The engineers at Apple have finally come up with some wit, with their search assistant Siri.

Ask Siri these questions below with some WTF replies. Either by pressing the home button or saying, Hey Siri

    1. Why is a fire truck red?
    2. Beem me up Scotty?
    3. Does this dress make me look fat? or Does this make me look fat?
    4. Does Santa Claus exist?
    5. Whats your favioute app?
    6. Whats your favioute Colour?
    7. Knock knock
    8. Whats Zero Divided By Zero?
    9. Where do Babies come from?
    10. OK, GOOGLE! or HI, CORTANA!
    11. Can I call you Bob?
    12. Sing me a Lulaby?
    14. Are you intelligent?

More than one Answer

  1. What does Siri Mean?
  2. Why do you vibrate?
  3. What are you made of?
  4. What is your best pick up line?
  5. Talk dirty to me.
  6. Hey Computer?

What’s your favorite or do you have something better, let us know in the comments below.

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